Three 40 HQ Containers For Vodka Glass Bottles And Aluminum Lids To Bolivia

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For any experienced manufacturer of high-quality filling machines, wholesome product delivery is a watchword.


And for us at ZhangJiaGang JST Machinery Co. Ltd., we don't only relish in the fact that we are reliable and renowned manufacturers of water and juice filling machines, but we also pride in our cautious product delivery strategy.


This, you can tell through our use of 40ft HQ containers for the proper storage and delivery of all our products and services.


And as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of filling machines, bottles, and lids, we have a strong global market presence with various countries of the world.  


Interestingly, our secured and meticulous product delivery of glass bottles, aluminum lids, plastic bottles, and other consumable used by juice and water production companies using the 40 HQ container is another amazing quality that endears us to our global customers in Bolivia and other South American countries.


Why our choice of the 40 HQ containers for product delivery, you may ask. The answer is pretty glaring!


1. Guarantees A Single Trip (1-Way) Delivery

Yes, we don’t only ensure that our products are delivered to our customers without dent or deformity, but we also ensure that products get to their destination as at when due.


So, in a bid to ensure that we keep to our promise of speedy product delivery, the 40 HQ containers seem to be the most efficient containers that can help us store all our deliveries and deliver them in just a single trip.


See, we don't have to go to-and-fro to ensure that all your orders are delivered within the specified time frame. We move once and deliver everything as a block.


2. Guarantees Product Safety And Quality

As an experienced supplier and manufacturer of high-quality water and juice filling machines and accessories, we take into consideration some unforeseen conditions that may arise during our product delivery.


And to adequately cater for such conditions, the 40 HQ container seems to be our favorite shipping and delivery container. This is because they are strong and well secured to keep all our products safe from external forces during transit.


three 40 HQ containers sent to bolivia

3. Perfect For Heavyweight Equipment

We understand that the water filling machine line is usually a complex and in most cases, long equipment that needs to be handled with extreme care. More so, their complex nature makes them fall within the range of machinery regarded as being extremely heavy.


For this reason and other professional consideration, we choose the 40 HQ container metal boxes as the only strong and very sturdy metal boxes that can withstand the weight of this equipment.  


Also, the 40 HQ metal boxes are the perfect container that will ensure the safety of some accessories and parts such as the sensors which are very prone to damage if handled carelessly.


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