The Working Operation Of Oil Filling Production Line

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The role of liquid filling machines in the packaging process of oil is very cardinal and indispensable.


They are versatile in function and can be used in packing different kinds of liquids, which include water, oil, carbonated drinks, or non- carbonated drinks.


 At present, we would shift our attention to the oil filling machine.  In the past, all oil companies settle for the use of a semi-automatic machine.


However, in recent times complete automatic filling machines for oil are available in the market.


If you want to have a successful shopping for the best quality automatic oil filling machine out there, your company needs to partner with reliable and professional automatic oil filling plant manufacturers.


Working mechanisms of automatic oil filling machine

Automatic oil filling machine can efficiently package different kinds of oil, which includes lubricant oil, palm oil, edible oil, mustard oil, cooking oil, etc. It will work for you efficiently regardless of the type of oil to be packaged or filled.


Cleaning and Vacuum Pressure Process

You may want to know why the need for a vacuum filling pressure in an oil filling production line. This is simply because oil has viscous properties and thus a vacuum filling pressure is used.


The high pressure ensures improved efficiency. Prior to filling the bottles, the machine removes dirties and dry them effectively. Next, the conveyor moved the bottles to the area where pressure is applied.


With this, the atmospheric pressure becomes higher than the pressure in the bottle thereby making the filling process very easy.


Filling Process

The automatic oil filling machine slowly fills the bottles under low pressure. The bottles are arranged under the filler, and the machine dispenses into them at a particular level.


As the process of filling the bottles take place, each filled bottle are taken by the conveyor to the next stage which is the sealing phase. At this stage, the automatic oil filling machines which have total control over the flow of oil performs its function meticulously. The conveyor transporting them to the next stage does that slowly.


oil filling machine

Sealing Process

The filled bottles at this stage of sealing are covered tightly with a cap. This is done by the arm of the machine so that the cap will not remove at the point of delivery or distribution.


After sealing, the next stage is labeling. When the bottles come to the section of sealing, then the sealing arm covers each bottle tightly with the caps.


Labeling Section

Here, the machine places labels that are meant for advertisement and to inform the client on the details of the product. The automatic oil filling machine owns a labeling arm which fixes the labels onto the bottles and from there to the packaging stage.


Packaging Section

This is the last but very essential steps in the oil filling production line. In this section, the arm of the machine selects all the bottles into special cardboard racks or arranged in the proper manner for delivery.     



All the processes in the oil filling production line take place sequentially and the components maintained at an optimal level to deliver.  


However, you need to partner with a reliable and professional automatic oil filling plant manufacturer for all your machine and servicing needs.


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