Carry handle belt for 308 carton boxes will be sent to Canada

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On June 21, the carry handle belt for 308 carton boxes designed and produced by Zhangjiagang JST Machinery  passed strict pre-delivery debugging and customer acceptance. And later,  they will be embarked on a journey to the site of the Canada project. At present, Zhangjiagang JST Machinery  production capacity has basically returned to the level before the epidemic and well meet the needs of the carry handle belt market.

carry handle belt

In May, with excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service, Zhangjiagang JST Machinery’s vary kinds of equipment has maintained a strong sales level. The carry handle belt has ushered in a small peak in orders! Facing the situation of tight production tasks, Zhangjiagang JST Machinery  has entered a tight "Ordered Campaign", rationally deploy various work and coordination personnel to cope with the small peak of delivery and ensure the timely delivery of carry handle belt.

The ever-increasing carry handle belt orders are derived from the harsh quality control of Zhangjiagang JST Machinery and the optimization of the user experience. Before the shipment, we will check each of the batteries carefully to ensure the quality. Besides, we are very strict with the packing of the ------- in order to avoid the damage of the ----- in delivery. At last, we will check each carton again and ship carry handle belt to our customer's place.Relying on strong technical research and development capabilities and perfect after-sales service system, Zhangjiagang JST Machinery will certainly live up to the expectations of customers and grow rapidly.

carry handle belt

It is a benchmark enterprise in the field of beverage filling production and contributes to  designing the whole workshop layout drawing, and helping you design labels, PET bottles, calculate your packaging film size. After delivery, we can send our engineers to install for you, also can provide on-line after sales service.

We have some different SGS testing report for different machines, such as juice complete filling line (including rinsing filling capping machine, bottle labeling machine, bottle packing machine and bottle blowing machine ). We also have SGS testing report for injeciton molding machine and full automatic 6 cavities PET botttle blowing machine . Also, we have get many certificate for our filling machines, such as: CE, SGS and son on. CE certificate is for different models, such as 18-18-6, 24-24-8, 32-32-10 type. We take quality and after-sales service as the first competitiveness of the enterprise, and we have been striving to provide our customers with the most professional and high-quality machines. Our customers can be completely confident about our products. 

If you encounter any problems about anything, please feel free to send us inquiry and we will do our best to assist you to solve the issue.


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