Glass bottles with aluminum lids shipped to Bolivia

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If you are in the business of making fruit juice, carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, and filling sparkling water, then packaging is a great concern for you. Packing a solid substance is not a tough job but packing a liquid is a complicated task because you don’t want to spill the liquid before it gets into the consumer’s hand. To pack the liquids such as carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, and even the sparkling water, many suppliers and manufacturers opt for glass bottles with aluminum lids.

The glass bottles with aluminum lids are a popular packaging design. The glass bottles can be made into any shape you want depending on your budget. Recently, a big delivery of glass bottles with aluminum lids got shipped to Bolivia to our client. Our client wanted to go with the simple yet minimalistic design, so our company has made them a simple round glass bottle with a slight design. The bottle goes round at the bottom and then narrow the design on top. The rest of it will be covered with the sticker on the bottle and the lid.

The carbonated drinks can be packed into simply round bottles like Coke or Pepsi bottles. You can have them in different sizes as well. The same way alcoholic beverages can be packed into simple yet attractive glass bottles with aluminum lids because beer, vodka, and whiskey doesn’t look authentic unless it is packed nicely. The aluminum lids can be replaced with plastic lids for sparling water packaging but for alcoholic and carbonated beverages we recommend aluminum lids to ensure long-lasting quality.

Benefits of using glass bottles with aluminum lids

With plastic waste unattended and not properly recycled, the world is looking for environmentally friendly ways. One of those environment-friendly options includes using glass bottles for any type of beverage. Here we have listed a few benefits of using a glass bottle.

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1- A glass bottle can be recycled and made into a new glass bottle within 30 days, so it is eco-friendly.

2- The recycled glass bottles can be melted at a low temperature which means carbon dioxide emissions will drop eventually.

3- A glass doesn’t dissolve with plastic or paper, especially when it is recycled.

4- For any newcomer, the raw materials are easily available in the market all across the USA.

5- The aluminum is a metal and it is easily recycled in a furnace. So, the lids of beverage glass bottles suit with the ideology of environment-friendly packaging.

glass bottle with an aluminum lid

Drawbacks of using glass bottles with aluminum lids

1- A glass bottle with an aluminum lid seems a great option but whenever you deal with a lot of glass, they get broken and it is a lot of mess to handle.

2- Glass bottles are heavier than the plastic bottles. No matter how thin and light is glass, it is always going to be heavier than plastic. That means there will be more expensive transportation and burning fuel will cause contamination in the environment.


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