Carry handle belt shipped to Canada

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Carry handle belt can be used into many areas and becomes increasingly important of all over the world. And the business of carry handle belt shipped to Canada attaches much attention recently. If you have a need in such related products, a company named JST would be highly recommended.

Carry handle belt

JST is a company with major core of water rinsing, filling, capping 3 in 1 machine, which mainly contains service of beverage filling machines and three Trunkey Project lines. The 3 in 1 machine works steadily, with high quality, it has cap sterilizer together. And the touch screen and PLC are both Siemens brand. The machine has wastewater collecting tank together, the water after rinsing machine can be collected and re-use again, save the water. If use this machine, you will need less easy-broken spare parts. Apparently, this machine does an essential part of carry handle belt shipped to Canada.

Our company lies in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu province for more than 15 years old. We have professional engineers who can go to many different countries to install the filling line for you. Each of our engineer is professional, they can install the complete filling line, such as water treatment system, bottle labeling machine, bottle packing machine, bottle blowing machine and bottle filling machines. Our English team is professional also, we have sales manager who worked in this filed for more than 11 years already. She has many clients all around the world. If you need, just need to inquiry us, we can show our client’s sample project to you for your reference. Thus, JST does not only manage the business within China, but also maintain many overseas businesses.

For products in JST, one of them is the beverage filling machines. JST promises that with 24 months’ guarantee, best after-sales service. We can provide you complete filling line solution and design the layout drawing for you before placing the order.

Carry handle belt

As for the other major kind of goods, the Trunkey Project lines, it contains three main product lines. They are water filling line, juice filling line and carbonated drink filling line. Water filling line mainly will be filled in PET bottle. JST can make pure water or mineral water for customers but need you to ensure the water quality. To complete the juice filling production line, For PET bottle, there is juice vacuum system, juice flow back system. We can make bottle neck spraying device and conveyor belt spraying device for you. Under the rinsing machine, there is wastewater collecting tank with floating ball inside to save the waste rinsing water. Last but not least, for the CSD filling line, we can provide you PET bottle or glass bottle, or tinplate can filling machine. Stainless steel 316L material with Siemens brand electricity components. Professional engineers to install the complete filling line for you. And The filling valve is isobaric pressure valves; filling level is accurate.

To briefly sum up, JST owns a good reputation in customers and in the industry. If you have a need of products related to carry handle belt, it is sure that you can pick a suitable item among products in JST. Choosing products in JST’s official website is really convenient,, let’s click it and enjoy your shopping. 


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