Pay attention to the consumption trend of beverage filling machine market

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In recent years, the domestic soft drink market has developed rapidly. According to data, the domestic soft drink industry will reach nearly 600 billion in 2019. The rapid development of the soft drink market also brings market opportunities to the beverage filling industry. Nowadays, with the emergence of beverage filling machines, not only the speed of beverage filling has been accelerated, but also the filling efficiency has been greatly improved. At the same time, the automation level of filling, the accuracy of filling measurement and the filling quality have also been further improved, which is well satisfied. The soft drink market requires efficient and high-quality filling.



As the soft drink market shows development trends such as diversification, individuation, and younger generation, beverage processing companies have also changed their needs for purchasing beverage machinery such as filling machines, and higher requirements are placed on the technical level of filling machines. Therefore, beverage filling machinery manufacturers must continue to improve their products, optimize equipment structures, improve automation levels, increase filling accuracy, and increase flexible production capabilities to enhance product market competitiveness.

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Demand one is to strengthen product design and optimize equipment structure. Product design is an important link in the development of beverage filling machines and the beginning of the equipment production process. The product design must determine the structure and specifications of the entire beverage filling machine, which has the effect of "involving the whole situation". Otherwise, it may increase cost input to adjust and replace equipment, materials and labor. In this regard, industry insiders suggest that beverage filling machines should focus on filling functionality, easy to manufacture, and low production costs, thereby improving the overall competitiveness of the product.



Demand two is to improve the level of automation. Some users have reported that individual beverage filling machines are still semi-automated, and they need to be manually coordinated to step on the pedals to achieve filling. If they are kept on and held, they will become automatic and continuous filling, but it takes time and effort. The filling efficiency is low. At present, with the increasing requirements of the soft drink market, filling automation and assembly line operation are also a requirement, and it is the general trend of the development of the beverage market.



Improving the automation level of beverage filling machines will help improve work efficiency, increase enterprise production efficiency, stabilize the production process of the entire beverage process, improve product consistency, and achieve mass production and reduce enterprise production costs.



Therefore, some semi-automated beverage filling machine manufacturers must strengthen the in-depth research on comprehensive technologies such as computers, hydraulic pressure, and automatic control, speed up the upgrading of equipment automation, and meet the filling needs of the beverage processing industry.



The third requirement is to improve the accuracy of filling volume. Many manufacturers report that the beverage filling machine often has the problem of inaccurate filling or no discharge during work. In addition to the user must check whether there is foreign matter in the three-way control valve and whether there is air in the skin tube of the filling head, In addition to whether the valve core of the filling nozzle has the appearance of jamming or delayed opening, the beverage filling machine manufacturer should upgrade the filling speed adjustment device, improve the intelligent induction speed control level, and strengthen the sealing performance of the clamp and the hose buckle, etc. .



The fourth requirement is to improve equipment stability and reliability, and extend equipment life. Generally speaking, improving the stability and reliability of the beverage filling machine will not only ensure continuous, stable and stable operation of the equipment, but also help reduce the probability of equipment failure, ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment, and ensure the quality of filling work .



Therefore, enterprises consider the stability and reliability of beverage filling machines in R&D and production to prevent frequent failures, which will affect the progress of beverage production and increase the investment costs of enterprises.



Demand five, flexible production. Nowadays, the soft drink market tends to be diversified and individualized. In order to cover all age groups, make more precise efforts, and target the diversified consumer groups in the beverage market, more and more beverage processing companies have increased their requirements for flexibility in beverage filling production lines. . In this regard, beverage filling machine manufacturers must strengthen scientific research investment, speed up equipment upgrades, and increase the flexible production capacity of beverage filling machines to meet the rapid conversion of a variety of beverage products.


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