Iranian Customers Ended Visiting Trip in JST with Satisfaction

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On June 11, 2017, Iranian customers came to our company to learn about plastic injection molding machines and finally purchased JST-2300 injection molding machines to produce PET preforms and PE caps. With 24 cavities, the output can reach 3600 per hour per hour.


At first, Iranian customers found us by our website and inquired about our products in details. Our salesman answered all the questions and solved customers'problems. Finally, Iranian customers decided to visit our factory to know more about us. During the visiting time, we tried our best to arrange their trip and showed them our injection blowing molding machine to make them know more about our company. Finally, they placed an order from us because of our company's sincere attitude and professional skills and products although he had some other choices. We packed the machine as soon as the customer ordered our products so that our customers will receive the in shortest time.

Iranian Customers Visit Our Factory


JST is focused on offering you perfect solution for water, juice and carbonated drink. We can also help you to design your PET bottles, PVC shrink labels, PE film size and make the layout drawing according to your factory size. Welcome to Inquiry!



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