Chile customer Made a Visit to JST Factory

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On 10th June in 2019, Chile customer - Ronald visited our factory. Accompanied by company leaders and foreign trade personnel, he visited our factory's production workshop and operation process. On behalf of the company, our workers extended a warm welcome to the customers and arranged a detailed reception.


Accompanied by the main person in charge of each department, Chile customer visited the company's sales department, R&D department and our workshop. The customer visited and used the instruments and equipment on site, and he was amazed by the good performance of the equipment. They decided to purchase our detergent filling line on site.


This is linear type for detergent filling line, there are 6 filling heads machine ,8 filling nozzles, 10 filling nozzles ,12 filling nozzles and so on. It can be used for round bottle, square bottle, or irregular shaped bottle.


Chile customer Made a Visit to JST Factory

We are professional in making beverage filling production line with more than 15 years’ experience. We can help you design the whole workshop layout drawing, and help you design labels, PET bottles, calculate your packaging film size. After delivery, we can send our engineers to install for you, also can provide on-line after sales service.


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