Five development trends of the beverage industry in the future

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In 2020, the coronavirus has changed people's shopping, social, entertainment and other ways, and will have a profound impact on the future consumption trends of the food and beverage industry.


As consumers pay more and more attention to health is an obvious consumption trend, how will this evolve into the taste that consumers seek?


01 Health, immunity, exercise and exercise


Consumers will continue to seek to improve their health. In the future, consumers will pay more attention to macronutrients, maintain a healthy weight, and choose products that are recommended to improve immunity.


Ingredients that promote intestinal health, improve hydration and have anti-inflammatory properties will become the focus of consumers' attention. Super foods rich in natural immune-boosting ingredients such as elderberry, cherry, apple cider vinegar, ginger and turmeric will be popular. In addition, the brand will add zinc, vitamin C, probiotics and prebiotics to the products.


Consumers will also prioritize exercise and fitness. The brand will increase the launch of sports nutrition products such as protein drinks, electrolyte supplements, performance enhancers, energy boosters and weight loss. Brands differentiate products by using clean labels, plant-based or diet-friendly ingredients, and add multiple functional ingredients to a single product, giving consumers an excellent value for money.

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02 Emotion booster


At present, the pressure of many people is at an unprecedented height, so consumers will seek products that can promote relaxation, clear mind and improve sleep.


Major brands will add adaptogen, CBD and l-theanine to help consumers relax. Consumers will also flock to familiar things as a means of comfort, which will increase the demand for comfort food and nostalgic products.


In order to provide the emotional benefits of comfort food without affecting physical health, major brands will focus on launching indulgent products made from healthy ingredients, including reducing the use of sugar or using stevia, Luo Han Guo and Aluo Natural low-calorie sweeteners such as ketose replace sugar to increase nutrient density and use plant-based, functional, and clean label ingredients.


Comfort can also be provided through childhood nostalgia. The destruction caused by the pandemic also creates a need for stimulation. Therefore, nostalgia will appear in new forms, such as familiar product types with new ingredients, or with nostalgia. Taste of new products.


03 Safety first


Consumers will continue to make purchases based on what they feel is safe. This will continue to affect the beverage industry, both in the catering industry and in the retail packaging of its products. For example, companies such as Coca-Cola have been increasing investment in non-touch technology.


Food service brands will need to be transparent in their business practices so that consumers will feel safe to eat out. Consumers will pay attention to product packaging and accept more disposable and tamper-proof packaging because they are worried about hygiene pollution. The online shopping boom will continue until the prevalence drops significantly or the vaccine becomes widespread.


04 Cooking tourism


Consumers spend less and less time traveling and eating out, so there is an increasing demand for products that can bring home adventure experiences.


The demand for high-end bars will be greater, such as ready-made cocktails. In addition, better-for-you liquors such as hard kombucha, enhanced beer, cider and soda will also see a surge. By adding delicious plant-based ingredients and relaxing ingredients (such as adaptogen and CBD), zero spirits give people a drinking-like experience, and this consumption will increase.


Products and flavors with a global style will give people a sense of adventure at home, so you can expect brands to try Mediterranean flavors, such as blood orange, orange blossom, bergamot, figs and dates.


05 Tight wallet


Due to economic uncertainty, consumers are trying to save money, so their purchase prices are lower. This will benefit private brands, and it will also affect how big brands pack and display their products to accommodate tight wallets.


Private label innovation will explode, and they will introduce growing product categories such as dairy substitutes for milk, immune drinks and alcohol. Well-known brands will also provide value to consumers by launching products with multiple services, packaging with multiple flavors and stable shelf options.


Different consumption demands for beverages will further affect the improvement of the filling methods of beverage filling machine factories. As a beverage filling machine company with a certain position in the world, we will pay attention to the needs of consumers in time and provide them with quality beverage filling machines based on the concept of customer satisfaction.


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