Delivery Of 3 Tons Of SKF Bearings To Congo

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Just as no one is an island, so it is with the business circle. For any organization or business to survive and stand the test and demands of customers’ need, there is always bound to be some forms of partnership and collaboration.


And for us at ZhangJiaGang JST Machinery Co., Ltd., we have a long standing secret that has continued to place us on the top spot among our contemporaries, and that is teaming up with other reputable brands in the industry.  


As a leading manufacturer of high-quality water and juice filling machine, we understanding the sensitivity and importance of the machine we manufacturer. For this reason, while designing and building our machines, we ensure that all the needed raw materials, to guarantee the durability of our products.


Besides the use of high-quality raw materials in the manufacture of our machines, we also ensure that other components such as the bearings used in our machines are sourced from a reputable brand that is known for excellence and professionalism in the business.

 SKF bearings

Since we have made a firm resolution to be a leading brand among our contemporaries, we have singled out ourselves to affiliate with other top-ranking brands that will help us to achieve and sustain our goal.


With respect to our dreams and aspiration for our brand, we have identified the SKF brand as a trusted brand that is involved in the manufacture of the best bearings that we can use during the design and manufacture of our equipment.


With this bond of cooperation and partnership, we are rest assured that materials from our factory as well as those we source from other external sources during the manufacture of our machines and equipment are all of the best quality that will seal our promise of durability to our client.


Recently, we contacted the SKF brand for the supply of high-quality bearing that we can ship to one of our clients who needed to stock up their spare parts store with the best parts.


While making the request, our client was keen about quality as well as receiving bearings that will be strong enough to withstand the pressure of their production capacity for a long time.


As a brand that is conscious of our reputation, we committed to their request, and promised to supply the best quality to them in Congo. After the whole arrangement was completed, we shipped a total of 6 cubic meters, about 3 tons of bearings from the SKF brand to our Congolese customers.


Upon the receipt of the said bearing, our client put them to test and confirmed that they were exactly in line with their expectation and demands.


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We are a leading brand in the manufacture of high-quality and user-friendly water and juice filling machine.


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