Rinsing Clamps Stored for Filling Machines After Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is coming soon. In Chinese New Year, the family members reunite. People eat rice cakes, dumplings and a variety of rich meals, lights up the lanterns, set off firecrackers and bless each other. JST Machinery wishes all our customers happy new year!


Towards the end of the year, JST Machinery's production work has been busy. In order to rush to produce the machines a year ago, the staff of the whole company have been working overtime to prepare parts urgently. Also in order to meet the supply situation of products after the year, today, we have prepared machine parts in advance—Rinsing clamps.

 Rinsing clamps

JST Machinery has always insisted on providing customers with high-quality filling machines, such as: water filling machine, carbonated soft drink filling machine, juice filling machine, beer filling machine and so on. The rinsing clamps we have produced this time can be used in the above types of filling machines.


Customers don't need to worry about our staff closing for the holiday. Our dedicated staff work really hard to ensure that even during the holiday, our customers are able to get reply whenever needed.


To all our esteemed and loyal customers, we wish to use this medium to wish you season's greetings and a happy new year.


We also want to assure you that you can always count on us for your quality JST Machinery anytime the need arises. Partner with us today to get your money's worth on our filling machine.


We can help you design the layout of the entire workshop, and help you design labels, PET bottles, and calculate the size of packaging film. After delivery, we can send our engineers to install it for you, or provide online after-sales service.

 Rinsing clamps

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