Description of the 600 bottles per hour for 5 gallon water filling line

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Basically, the 5 gallon water filling line, as the name implies produces 5 gallon barreled drinking water. This unique type of water filling line come in various types which include the 80 bottles per hour type, 150 bottles per hour type, 300 bottles per hour type, 450 bottles per hour type, 600 bottles per hour type, and the 900 bottles per hour type.

Here, our focus will be on the 600 bottles per hour type gallon water filling machine.

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5 Gallon Water Filling Line

The 600 bottles per hour type integrates the bottle cleaner, filler and sealer in one unit.

Cleaning: To achieve the purpose of multiple injections, washing and sterilization by means of liquid washing and bleaching are applied during the bottle cleaning process. However, wash solution can also be applied.

Filling: The filling phase follows after the bottles are properly cleaned and made ready to receive the content.

Sealing or capping: The sealer can seal the barrel caps is aseptic and healthy, this line can also automatically perform washing, sterilization, filling, capping, counting and unloading of the products. It is a new kind of auto-producing line barreled of water, which incorporates integrates high tech mechanisms and technology.


1) The machine has the advantages of complete function, compact structure, new design and high level of automation

2) The operation of imported computer control system and touch screen is equipped, whose key components are imported from Germany, Taiwan, American assembly. It is a new type electric integrated drinking water machine equipment.

3) According to customer's requirement, we will change the modification design based on the existing machine.

The automatic 5 gallon water filling line is designed and made by our company with advanced technology and improved by ourselves according to market situations. It is one of the most advanced filling equipment in the world. With advanced technology, reliable performances, scientific process flow, good food hygiene conditions, the equipment is an ideal filling machine for manufacturers in various industries, especially drinking water industry.

The main parts of the machine are made of superior stainless steel and others are made of non-toxic materials and articles. The electrical and pneumatic systems consist of high quality components such as which work together to ensure low failure rate and high reliability of the machine.

Now, let’s look at the description of semi-automatic barrel brusher

20 Liter Water Jar Washer For 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

1. This semi-automatic decapper and washer is the corollary equipment of the 5 gallon barrel drinking water production line. It is used for decapsulation and thoroughly washing the gallon before the filling activity is commenced. This helps to increase efficiency and quite suitable for the relatively smaller capacity types such as the 150 gallon per hour type.


2. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel which makes it corrosion resistant, and relatively easy to clean.


3. The main part of the machine which come in contact with the liquid is made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.

5 Gallon Water Filling Machine


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